Moroccan Saffron Chicken

Saffron Chicken tajine is another Moroccan food with a subtle blend of spices that is easy to prepare! Like all Moroccan recipes, spice mixture, and the slow cooking process makes this a delicious and tasty dish. It will know that the Moroccan cuisine has many influences including Jewish, Berber and Andalusian. Moroccan cuisine is primarily based on fresh ingredients, spices and methods of slow steaming tajine that infuse the food and give to the rich flavors tagine. I always like to make this recipe in my tagine dish; However, if you do not have a tagine you can make your chicken tajine with saffron in a slow cooker, frying pan, stockpot, or a rectangular baking dish.
I use Saharkhiz saffron in my cooking dish here. One of the best things to know about the tagine of chicken with saffron, outside his wonderfully rich and aromatic flavor is the fact that it generates as much juice as you can get it, freeze it and use it later. For example, use it for cooking your rice instead of water, or make a quick sauce for your grilled shrimp or tilapia, whisking in a little flour. Better yet, freeze the extra juice into ice cubes and enjoy it as a base for future stews. The possibilities are simply endless.
Preparation of tagine:

In a small flat place all the spices except for the cinnamon stick. Mix well and set aside.

Line the bottom of your pot / slow cooker or tagine with onions and drizzle with olive oil; add butter, coriander and cinnamon sticks placed on top. Place chicken pieces on top of onion mixture.

With a sharp knife, pierce the chicken pieces in several places to allow the flavors to really seep Sprinkle the spice mixture over chicken. stir and cover.

Cook over low heat for about 1 hour or until chicken is very tender.

If you use a slow cooker or other cooking vessel, please adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Serve with couscous or a nice saffron rice pilaf.